Alexander Calder

Plate-Signed Lithographs

6 original lithographs from the "Flying Colors,”

a mural on a DC-8, commissioned by Braniff Airlines in 1973. These, as well as other plate-signed lithographs are printed on Arches paper.


Also available:

Limited Edition Hand-Signed

Lithographs and Serigraphs

Hand-signed in pencil and printed on Arches paper.


Alexander Calder painting Beastie on the Braniff DC - 8

01 Skyswirl - Braniff Flying Colors


02  Convection - Braniff Flying Colors

03 Skybird - Braniff Flying Colors


04 Sunburst - Braniff Flying Colors


05 Beastie - Braniff Flying Colors

06 Friendship - Braniff Flying Colors

07 Indianapolis Children's Museum

08 Blue Bubbles

09 World Federation of United Nations



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